** Major Applications of Castermid

Transportation machinery
Heavy duty industry
Rolling mill industry
Textile machinery
Electric and electronics industry
Food processing equipment
Ship building and automobile industry


 ** Major Characteristics of Castermid

Light weight (1/8th the weight of bronze)
Ease of machining
High mechanical strength, stiffiness, hardness, and toughness
Excellent wear and fatigue resistence
High mechanical damping ability
Physiologically inert (suitable for food contact, standard grade only)

     Erel Copolymer CO., established in 2003, is a leading manufacturer of a cast nylon and internationally recognized supplier of semi-finished products, custom cast components, and machined finished products.
     We produces a variety of cast nylon in stock shapes of rod, tube, and sheet with specialty grades of cast nylon.
     Erel Copolymer CO. brings you an extensive range of cast nylon with the best quality product and service.
     Castermid, the trade name of cast nylon of Erel Copolymer CO., is manufactured by the anionic polymerization method of monomer within a heated mold.
     The manufacturing process allows the production of large-sized stock shapes as well as custom casting.
     With its higher molecular weight and highly crystalline structure, Castermid has better properties than conventional injected or extruded nylons in excellent resistance to wear and fatigue, superior mechanical strength, and good mechanical damping ability.


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